August 15th.  ¦5 [this is in the margin opposite this entry sw] The Wind N.W. very calm, sun-shiny and hott all day; my people all this week reaping and binding of Corn, but yesterday when they were employed in Carrying in Cae'r LLorriau which was 288 shocks—

Yesterday I had the mellancholy news of the Death of my Dear friend Mr. William Parry of Dublin who – dyed on last monday of a fever at his house in George's lane Dublin.

16th.  The Wind S.W. very calm, dark and cloudy in the morning; the Evening sunshiny,fair, and very sultry.
17th.  The Wind S.W. sun-shiny & fair, and tho the wind blew fresh yet it was very hot & sultry all day ; my people finishing the binding of Rhos Garrog Barley to day, and reaping Rhos y — ferem Barley.

18th.  The Wind S.S E. but very calm ,and prodigious hot& Sultry all day; This Sumer [there is a wavy line over the 'm' sw] and Autumn exceeds in heat & dry – -ness all theSumers [there is a wavy line over the 'm' sw] in the memory of man; for not onely all the fresh water Mills are dryed tho the Countrey,but also in a manner all the rivers and most of the Springs: my 

[this pointing hand symbol is the margin opposite this line sw]

Well by the Kiln that never was known to fail;now stands still & does not run out; Ffynnon Fechell likewise that lyes in Weyn fawr is in the Same condition, so that there is a great scarcity of water ( especially for Cattle) thro– -out the County : pd/ 2d. for mending my shooes.

19th.  The Wind full S. blowing very fresh, yet very hott and – sultry all day, yet dark and cloudy in the morning; dry to excess, so that most seeds sown in ye Sumer [there is a symbol like a comma on its side over the 'm' sw] have perished for want of moisture.
20th.  The Wind E.very calm in the morning; in the Eveningit blew high but hott and Sultry all day.

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