August 27

Advice to Chloe.

Dear Chloe, while thus beyond measure  

You treat me with doubts and distain

You rob all your youth of its pleasure

And hoard up an old age of pain :

Your Maxim that Love is still founded

On charms that will quickly decay

You'll find to be very ill grounded

When once you its Dictates obey.


The Love that from Beauty is drawn

By kindness you ought to improve;

Soft looks and gay Smiles are the Dawn,

Fruition's the Sun-shine of Love;

And tho the bright beams of your Eyes

Should be clouded, that now are so gay

And darkness possess all the skyes

Were ne're can forgett it was day.


Old Darby with Joan by his Side

You've often regarded with wonder;

He's Dropsicall, she is sore - eyed,

Yet they'r ever uneasy asunder:

Together they totter about

Or Sit in the Sun at the door,

And at night, when Old Darby's Pot's out

His Joan will not smoak a whiff more.


No Beauty or witt they possess

Their severall failings to smother;

Then, what are the Charms, can you guess

That make them so fond of each other?

’Tis the pleasing remembrance of youth

Th' Endearments which Youth did bestow

The thoughts of past pleasure and Truth

The best of our Blessings below.


These traces for ever will last,

No Sickness or Time can remove

For when Youth and Beauty are past

And Age brings the Winter of Love

A friendship insensibly grows

By reviews of such raptures as these

The Current of fondness stil flows   

Which Decrepid Old Age cannot Freeze.

The ·End.

Hawlfraint © Archifau a'r Llyfrgell Gymreig, Prifysgol Bangor LL57 2DG
Copyright © Archives and Welsh Library, Bangor University LL57 2DG