June iith.  The Wind variable from E. in the morning to N.W. by noon where it continued all the rest of the day, was calm & generally – Sun shiny and very hot & sultry all the day: The Priest preached on John Chap: i3th. verse 34th. Executed a Lease for 2i years to my Tenant Jane Hughes of Tyddŷn y Frogŵy to comence at next Allsts. at the rent of 3 pounds 10 shillings, 2 pullets & 6 Chickens presents yearly & 1s. in lieu of Services yearly.
12th.  The Wind W. very calm cloudy & dark and made a fine but shower of rain about 4 in the morning; about 5 I set out for Bodorgan, called at Siamber  ☞ [this pointing symbol is in the margin pointing at this line sw] wen [there is a line over 'en' sw] & came to Bodorgan about ii: dined there, & in the Evening executed a Bond to Mr. Meyrick for 300L. I then borrowed for Mr. Wright, which was delivered to Mr. Thomas M[o sw]sson to be transmitted to him to Leghorn by Bills from London to relieve him in some great distress that he at present labours under from losses in trade & other disapointments.
13th.  The Wind  N. W.very calm, Sun Shiny fair, hot & very Sultry all day; about 4 this Evening I left Bodorgan,(haveing given 1s. to the Butler) and come to Siamber Wen [there is a line over the 'en' sw] where I lay this night.
14th.  The Wind N. E. blowing fresh & scorching, and generally Sunshiny all the Evening; About 4 in the Evening I set out for home where I arrived a little after 7 . gave the Servants at Siamber wen [there is a line over 'en' sw] 1s. 6d.
15th.  ❍8 [this is written vertically under '15th.' sw] The Wind E. blowing fresh and very scorching, tho cloudy and dark all the morning; about noon it made a small mizling rain which it continued more or less till near 4. the rest of the Evening was cloudy and dark and something cold·
16th.  The Wind  N.E. calm sun shiny, sultry and hot all day: My – people all this week ( monday & Tuesday excepted which are super- – stitiously kept for Holy Days to the great hindrance of Husbandry) were carrying Sand to Cae'r Beudy in Bodelwyn; and others of- them were plowing the Pinfold in Coydan: Paid 30s. for a parcell of Oak boards bought at Cemaes from a Merioneth shire man·
17th.  The Wind S.W. blowing moderate with a fine rain all the morning and till near 3 in the afternoon; the rest of the day was sun shiny, fair and dry; The Priest finished his Sermon he had begun last Monday the iith. Inst. gave Martha Wms. the Daughter of my old friend Richd. Wms.late parson of LLanfachreth 2s. 6d. who is Apprentice at Carnarv[o sw]n to a Mantua Maker
18th.  The Wind N.E. blowing moderate with some SunShine, and dry all day: it blew fresh from N.W. in the Evening and was cold: was to day at LLan- - erchymedd putting the Land & Light Tax Acts in Execution for the Hundreds of Twrkelyn a LLivon with Mr.L.of LLy[s sw]Dulas & Mr. Rob· Lewis, it cost me there 2s.

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