September 24th.  The Wind W.& by S. dark, dull weather but very calm & warm all day —
25th.  The Wind Variable from S.E. to S.W.   dark, dull and cloudy weather, with some mizling rain in the Morn- -ing; my people carry home the Turf from Cae'r Myn– -ŷdd in two Carts. pd. Abraham Jones the Shopkeeper's Bill, being 16s. delivered his Son Gabriel Jones (who was going to Chester Fair ) 1s. to buy me a Watch key. made very great rain almost all night .
26th.  The Wind W & by S. a warm, pleasant, fair day, onely it rained hard in the night, my people at the Same work, and I have others digging gors for Winter use.
27th. The Wind N. high & Stormy, & very cold all day, about 3 in the Evening it begun to rain, and rained till I went to bed.
28th.  The Wind N.E. fair, clear weather all day, they begin to thatch the Oat Stack, and to day I begin to carry my Sand.
29th.  The Wind N.E. Sun-shiny & fair, but keen cold weather, my people employed still at the same work. This day my Daughter & her Husband came here from Liverpool she had been long ill the last Sumer [there is a + above the 'm' sw], & is mightily reduced in flesh, & big with Child, & hopes the Air of this Countrey– may recover her health. pd. 1d. for Nuts.
30th.  The Wind N.E. Sun-shiny, fair & pleasant all day, my people still at the Same work, some carrying Sand. others thatching the Corn, & others grubbing up the Gorse in Rhôs y Ferem.
[Octo sw]ber ist.  The Wind N.E: Sun-shiny fair & dry all day, a very great Congregation at LLanvechell Church. The Parson gave the Sequell of the Sermon preached this day fortnight, which see Pag. 297. — Saw 2 Swallows to day

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