Decr. i8th.  The Wind N.E. but very moderate, some Sun shine, but for the most part cloudy, yet dry all this day.
i9th.  The Wind N. E. blowing very moderate & mostly Sun shiny,but very cold, Pd. Owen Roberts 25s. in full of his Sumer's [there is a curlicue over the 'm' sw] wages ·
20th.  The Wind E. blowing very moderate & generally Sun Shiny but cold, and haveing freezed pretty hard last night: Pd. Harry the Slater 3s. for 200 laths & pd. Ann Parry 3s. for three weeks knitting .
2ist.  The Wind E. calm and generally Sun shiny with a great hoar frost and a pretty thick frost this morning, grew dark in the Evening and rained before night. Pd. 4d. for fish.
22d.  The Wind W. & by W,byS. & W. &by N. by turns, dark cloudy weather, cold and raw & raining frequently most part of this day ; Paid into the hands of Mr. John Bulkeley of Dronwy 20L. to pay Mr. Roberts of Bodiar's Interest of the Mortgage upon Bodneva, and also iL. 8s. 8d. being 4 years rent for ye King's lands in my holding , Delivered him likewise 5L. to give Mr. Wm. Morris of Holy head to be transmitted to Mrs. Parry of Dublin for her rent·
23d.  The Wind W. & by S. calm, cloudy and dark weather very cold & raw all this day, gave 4s. 6d. Charity to poor people.
24th.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, but cloudy, dark and cold raw weather all this day likewise but made no rain; Pd. 2s. for half Pegget of Turnips·
25th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing moderate, some Sun shine about noon, dry & very cold all this day: about i40 persons communicated here this day:— gave 6d. to the Holy head Post man. 

[WB seems to have missed noting the full moon on either the 25th or 26th sw] 

26th.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, cloudy, dark, close weather, very cold – and raw, but made no rain this day [A sw]lso.

27th.  The Wind W. calm, cloudy and dark close weather all this day, but contin – ued dry & was very cold and raw weather·
28th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy dark weather, the Air very moist,yet did not rain out right till 2 in the Evening &continued dirty all the rest of the day ·
29th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh and generally Sun Shiny and dry all this day, and freezed a little this night pd. 
30th.  The Wind S. calm,dark & cloudy but dry all this day also; gave 3s. to William Wms. Apprentice to a Glazier & Plumer [there is a wavy line over the 'm' sw] at Carnarvan,Son to my Nephew —– Owen Wms. late of LLanerchmedd Glazier·

3ist.  The Wind E. calm, dark cloudy weather & cold with some frost this morning, was dry all day & very cold in the Evening: Paid 4s. for [? sw]w for the Linnen; & pd. Wm. Bevan bâch 3s.4d. ballance due to him on acc – ounting with him above his rent. 

And here Ends the Year i757 .

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