September 8th.  The Wind S. blowing high, cloudy and dark almost all day; made some little rain about noon, but soon over; Pd. i8d. for a Quarter of Veal.
9th.  The Wind S. blowing high all the morning. and something abated in the Evening by a mizling rain that begun about 2 a clock & continued till near 5: the Night was light, & the onely on[e sw] that was so this month last past:
i0th.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing fresh in the Morning Sun Shiny clear & fair; about noon it begun to rain, & for near an hour it rained very hard; all the rest of the day was fair and dry, and the Wind quite allayed.
iith.  The Wind S. very calm, & raining hard from 4 in the morning without hardly any intermission till near 8 at night when it left off & the wind came to W. & blew very high · pd.4s. for 4 peggets of Lime
12th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh, Sun Shiny & drying w[eather sw] this day; My people were reaping Pease in the morning & on the Evening the bound Corn .
13th.  The Wind W. &by N. very moderate, but drying well, was sunshiny & fair all day: finished to day binding all the Corn: Pd. 2s. 5d. for i9 pounds of very course [B sw]eef ·
i4th.  The Wind S. W. in the morning, blowing fresh & raining excessive hard about 4. which brought the Wind to W. where it blew fresh and dryed exceeding well all day: about 9 my people begun to carry in the Corn which(as they said ) was dry enough notwithstanding the great rain 4 hours before,  & they carryed in all the Corn at home except the pease (which was not indeed a great deal ) by night·
15th   8 ❍ [this is written in the margin underneath '15th' sw] The Wind S. W. calm and cloudy and about 9 it begun to - rain, which it did with very little intermission till almost night: & my people who had begun to carry in the Corn at Cnewch- dernog were forced to return all home: Pd. 20d. for a Side of Mutton ·
16th.  The Wind S. very high in the morning, yet sunshiny & fair, about i in the Evenining it begun to rain & rained very hard all the rest of the day, & I believe most part of the night: my people were carrying in ye smal oats to day at Cnewchdernog thro all the rain .

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