Febr. 7th.  The Wind S. blowing a great storm all Day, begun to rain about 2 in the Evening & rained hard till 7, a pretty full Markett at LLanfechell, bought a pretty Quarter of Lamb for 6d.
8th.  The Wind S. blowing pretty high, but much allayed to what it wa[s sw] [the presumed 's' is lost in the binding sw] yesterday, a misling rain most part of the day, to day William Jones the Slater begun to lay Ribs of split Oak upon the Couples ☞ [this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw] in LLanfechell Church in order to ciel it, what was sound and firm of the old timber in the former Mood were split into Ribs of 3 inches broad to serve instead of Laths being much stronger as being as thick again, the rest were the staves of Tobbacco Hogsheads split, of the same breath with the former, abot 6 in ye Evening it rained very hard till i0 when the Wind was allayed–
9th.  The Wind S.S.W. pretty high, a dry, clear sun-shiny day- about 3 in the Evening the wind ris, the sky was overcast, rained about 8 a good deal, & the wind came to N.W. –
10th.  The Wind S.W. a Cold, dark day, & very cloudy - a little before 12 I set out for Beaumares, being served as a Wittness in <a> Chancery cause betwixt Mr. Robt. Hampton & Mr. Row. Wms. baited at Bwlch Gwyn spent 3d for Ale & came to Beaumaris ’twixt 4 & five, one of Mr. Hampton's Comisioners not attending there, the Comission [a line over the 'm' sw] was lost, & no body examined
11th. ● 8 [this is written immediately below '11th.' sw]  The Wind S.S.W. a still cloudy day but did not rain, was prevailed upon to stay that Day at Beaumares, the parties comeing to an agreement Mr. Hampton referring upon Lancellot Bulkeley the Tanner, & Mr Rowland Wms. referring upon Mr. Dorset, & I was made Umpire – between them, the suit related to a Legacy <of 10l> left Mr. Hampton by Mr Coningsby Wms. of Penmynydd about 27 years ago, & another Legacy left him by his Father of 5l. 17 years ago. Lan. Bulkeley insisted upon Interest for the whole all that time, & demanded 30l. Dorset would give no more that 10l. so that to agree the parties I gave Mr. Hampton 15L. so the mat[ter sw] [the end of the word is lost in the binding sw] was ended. drank Wine all that day, and ’twas very late when I went to bed, Mr. Hampton & Mr. Rowland Wms. paid all that reckoning & [due sw] the House–

12th. The Wind S.W. a calm warm day but cloudy, Set out from Beaumares about 9. called at Bwlch Gwyn where I spent 3d for Ale, & came –

[this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw] home before 2 in the Evening -this day Wm. Jones began to Ciel ye Mood –

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