February 24th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and very cold all day, but generally Sun Shiny & dry till 4 in the Evening when it made a shower of rain; the night cloudy and dark & very cold.
25th.  The Wind E. and moderate, some Sun Shine, but generally dark & overcast; Sowed To Day some haws [there is a line under the 'aw' that appears to be in WB's pen sw] that I had buryed in a pit Stratum Super Stratum since October last was twelve month, but they were much sprouted & I should have sowed them a month ago.
26th.  The Wind E. and something moderate, but very cold and raw weather, cloudy & overcast almost all day with some smaller show– -  ers of rain about 3 in the Evening & some likewise in the night .
27th.  The Wind S.E. not high in the day,but blew high & rained hard abt. 3 in the morning; all the day was dark & overcast, very cold & raw with frequent showers of rain, but of short continuance, My people were employed This Day in carrying homeCoals from – Peter 's Vessell·
28th.  The Wind S.E. pretty moderate, but cold & raw, with frequent showers of rain but of short continuance; on the fall of night it rained hard & continued raining till half an hour after 10 when I went to bed: To Day I begun to planting large Russia Potatoes in regular rows laid-upon rotten hay & straw in the furrows as I do every year since I had them .
March ist.  The Wind S.E. blowing fresh, but not cold, cloudy & dark all the – morning, yet dry till about noon it begun to rain, & rained from that time till near 9 at night & generally very hard; the Night was very dark tho the Wind blew fresh; pd. 3s. for Butcher's meat·
2d.  The Wind S.W. blowing pretty fresh & raining generally all day, except two of three hours about noon; Sent by AliceJones i0s. to be given Mrs. Gould to buy some necessaries for Ann Wright, & 2d. to buy me a dosen Shirt buttons .
3d.  The Wind S. & by W. blowing fresh cloudy & dark all day, yet con - tinued without any rain, delivered 1s. 6d. to John Owen of LLanerchymedd to buy me a Gro[ce sw] of Bottle Corks . hired Hugh Wms. of Trefdraeth for a Stable boy upon Tryall till August for 12s wages ·
4th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh all day, but made little or no rain, pd. Abraham Jones's Bill being 2 pounds & 5 pence, pd. 4s. for 20 pound weight of hemp, & paid 2d. for Buttons .

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