January 23d.  The Wind E. blowing pretty fresh, cold & [gently sw] freezing all this day likewise, so that we could not plow.

24th. 62/1[six and a half sw] m [this is written vertically in the margin below '24th.' sw]   

Ecclips Dig: [21 4/1 sw] [this is written in the margin to the left of the moon symbol, with the two words and then the figures in three discrete lines sw]   The Wind E. calm and for the most part Sun Shiny and a gentle thaw all this day, tho it had freezed last night, the Air very cold and raw all day: Pd. John Prichard the Cowman i[sh. sw] [1/-, unless the unclear superscript is 'st.' and not 'sh.' sw] of this winter's wages and paid 6d. for fish ·

25th.  The Wind E. & by N. calm & gently thawing. and very cold and raw weather all this day: Pd. Mr Owen LLoyd 30s. for i0 cibbins of wheat I had of him to sow: I sowed some Pease & plant[e sw]d some Beans this day for the first time.
26th.  The Wind N. very calm, dark cloudy weather & very cold & raw but dry, all this day also.
27th.  The Wind S.E. very calm, cloudy & dark weather. cold & raw all this day likewise: bought a Side of Mutton of Rhŷs Bentir for 2s. 6d. and gave John Jones the Smith of Vodol voel is. [1/- sw] towards his raffle .
28th.  The Wind S.E. very calm, cloudy and dark weather all this day likewise: My people were plowing for small Oats most part of this week ·
29th.  The Wind S. E. calm, Sun shiny fair & pleasant from Sun rise till 9 - all the rest of the day was dark & cloudy & very cold· 
30th.  The Wind S.E. calm, cloudy and dark weather all this day also, & exceeding cold: Paid John ’ Prichard Samwell 4s. for Pumps for Ann Wright.
3ist.  The Wind S.E. very calm, and a great part of this day was Sun shiny and pleasant, but a very great hoar frost on the ground this morning and haveing freezed hard last night beside .
February ist.  The Wind S. and very little of it, cloudy & very dark weather all this day, cold & raw, but made no rain: pd. Ann Parry ’ch William Tho – mas 2s. more for knitting stockings .
2d.  The Wind S. very calm, cloudy & very dark weather with a mizling rain in the morning and tho it did not rain down right afterwards, yet the Air was so moist that the stones that were wet in the morning continued so all the day : Paid Hugh Lodwig 9s. which with 2is.pd. him last Novr. is in full of his Sumer's [there is a curlicue over the 'm' sw] wages,Pd. him likewise i5s. of this winter's wages.
3d.  The Wind S. very calm, cloudy & dark weather with a small dirty rain this day also, & very cold & raw weather ·
4th.  The Wind E. calm with some sun shine in the morning, but in generall this day likewise was cloudy and dark, but dry.


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