August 28th.  The Wind E. & by N. blowing very high, yet Sun shiny & very sultry: my people both to day & yesterday are reaping Oats at Coydan. Pd. ye Woman of Tyddyn Mieri 2s. 7d 2/1 for 12 Ducks.

29th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh, Sun shiny & fair all day; The Parson preached on Acts. Chap. 22d. vers . 21st. and endea[v sw] – –oured to shew ( in order to promote the Collecting of money for those Priests that are to be Sent by Gibson Bishop of London to America to convert those Gentiles to Christianity, which Priests should they be of his [Gibson's] [these square brackets are WB's sw] principles would make those people little better for their Christianity, & very little differ –ence would appear betwixt them & the Popish Missionaries ) he endeavoured I said, to shew, that the Sending [there is a blue line under 'Sending' sw] these English Priests or Missionaries by Gibson was of the Same nature with that Mission of Paul by Jesus Christ as mentioned in the Text, & that all people in Brittain were Obliedged in Conscience to contribute towards the maintaining them; [there is a vertical line here in a different pen, or pencil sw] thereby makeing the Vulgar to believe that a Collection for the Maintenance of that Apostle was made by all the Christians of those times to Support him in Grandeur while upon that buisness of preaching to the Gentiles . But it is certainly   [there is an arrow in the margin pointing at this line in a different pen, or pencil sw] fact that the Apostle had no maintenance in those Pagan Countries where he preached, nor the last friend or acquaintance to protect him [there is an arrow in the margin pointing at this line in a different pen, or pencil sw] whereas these fellows, severall scores in Number have the English— Settlements to resort to, & the Countenance of the Government there to protect them, And if the Innocency of their lives & reasonableness of their doctrine shall appear to these Gentiles in the same manner as Paul's appeared to the Asian Gentiles, they ’ll make converts in a very little time, and at a small expence, which Expence in all reason- should be supplyed by those persons that choose, & Send them, and not by persons that have not the least share either in the Electingorapproving of them.

30th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh, sun shiny & fair all day. My people to day finished reaping, & afterwards bound some Barley.

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