August 31st.  The Wind S.E. blowing fresh, sun - shiny fair and dry, but a great dew this morning, which I have not seen these severall days; my people binding Oats to day about noon the Wind came to S.W. blowing high and made some rain about Sun Set, & a good deal in the night.
Septr. 1st.  The Wind S. W. blowing high, and raining very hard about i in the morning ; tho it blew fresh all day, yet it dryed very little, the Air being very moist. The Market at LLanerch— mêdd mightily lowered, New Barley being sold there for 12s a pegget . 
2d.  The Wind S.W. blowing high , yet with a misty moist Air all day; My people however are carrying in Corn ^to^ all day with 12 drags till 3 in the Evening when they were forced to leave off, it raining very hard from that time almost till night.

3d    5 ❍ [this is written vertically in the margin below '3d' sw]  

The Wind N. W. blowing fresh, and drying well, as it did all last night; my people in ye morning were opening the shocks to dry, and stubling other corn that is not bound, in the Evening they carryed in Corn till 9 at night. 

4th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing a meer storm, and likewîse cloudy & over cast , and made a little rain in ye morning but nothing to speak of, but it looked so like rain, that we could not venture to carry any corn, but bound Oats all day
5th.  The Wind N. blowing very high, & very cold all day, & drying very fast. LLanrhuddlad Wakes took example from ye four Villains on the Grand Jury last Sessions who refused to find the Bill of Indi[c sw]tment against the Murderer of GeorgeWarmingham these 4 worthy persons were J. Owen Presaddved, Rowlands of Caera __ Lewis Trysclwyn & Tho. Morris of Rhydgroes whose servant ye Murderer is; Llanrhuddlad people I say took an example from ye impunity of Murderers, one Man was in this Wakes so barbarously beaten that tis thought he can't recover. These are the good, the honest, the fine Gentlemen of the Countrey as they are called.

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