August i8th.  The Wind W. calm, cloudy & dark all day & raining frequently almost all day & sometimes prodigious hard, & made excessive heavy rain in the night: Pd. 2d. 2/1 for a Garden whetstone
i9th.  The Wind W. & by S. calm, cloudy and dark & raining frequently more or less most part of this day also: Pd. Wm. Prichard ye weaver 5s. for Weaving Blanketting cloath .
20th.  The Wind W. calm & for the most part sun shiny but made no – rain this day, yet it dryed very little: paid 2s. id. for Butcher's – meat to Shadrach & Rhŷs Bentir.
2ist.  The Wind W. S. W. calm, cloudy & dark & raining a small – rain frequently both morning & Evening, so that except a little yesterday, nothing could be done all this week in the hay.
22d.  The Wind W. S. W. calm & close weather, cloudy & dark with some mizling rain about noon, but not much; The Priest — preached on Mat: Chap: 25th. verse 4ist. Paid John Prichard Samuel 6s. for a pair of Double Channel'd Pumps for my self for the Winter, 3s. 3d. for the like kind of Pumps for Ann Wright for the Winter, & 3s. for a pair of turn'd Pumps for Ann Wright &c soleing another pair: in all 12s. 3d. pd. John Ellis Griffith 5s. for– labouring work.
23d.  The Wind W. &by S. calm, dark and cloudy all day & raining excessive hard long before day & continuing with very little__ intermission till near noon, besides frequent showers after– wards in the Evening, insomuch as the waters were every – where out in these parts, & swept away the hay near the river sides & carryed it away into theSea, besides quite spoiling __ what was [there is a cross with a long horizontal bar over the whole of this word sw] left & lodging the corn & laying it quite flat.
24th.  The Wind S. W. blowing very moderate, raining hard in the morning & hazy weather with a mizling rain frequently afterwards.
25th.  ● 7 [this is written vertically in the margin below '25th.' sw]   The Wind W. & by S. very calm, cloudy and dark & raining in the morning & dryed very little all the day afterwards, but about 5 in the Evening it begun to rain & rained excessive hard from that time till midnight if not longer: made a very good Fair – to day at LLanerchymedd, a great number bought & at good rates: Paid 5s. to the Excise officer of LLanerchymedd at making my Entry for i00 ounces of Plate which law comenced lastJuly 5th. which must be yearly paid-. [the short line is actually directly above the full stop sw] 
26th.  The Wind E.& by N. in the morning, settled at W.&by N. before noon– blew moderately &dryed well & was generally SunShiny . pd. Wm. Bevan 4s. [more sw] for labouring work.

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