February 3d.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, but before day it blew high and at the same time brought down severall very heavy showers of Sleet and hail; after day light it was almost one continued rain till near noon, and made severall showers afterwards in the Evening: All the work my people did this week that was worth minding was carrying away loose & pretty large stones that broke the harrows in the Arrable ground in Coydan Park.
4th.  The Wind S. blowing very fresh and pouring down rain mixt with hail at an excessive from 2 in the morning till near 4: after Sun rise it made no rain, the Wind came about noon to W. blew very high, and was excessive cold all the day and night.
5th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate all the morning, but in ye Evening it blew fresh; all the day was Sunshiny and dry, but the Air very cold: pd Wm. Morris of Tyddyn LLwchan 55 shillings for repairs at that Tenement.
6th.  The Wind variable all this day, from W. to N.W. & to W. back again - blowing fresh and cold, and generally was sun shiny & dry, tho it rained heavily sometime before day, and some small [there is a line over the 'm' sw] showers in the daytime , the Wind came to N. at night & blew high and stormy – attended with frequent showers of hail. T+ W–  s+ C+ C–s as s_t + as c–r.
7th.  The Wind W. in the morning; about noon it came to theS. cloudy and overcast, but blowing fresh cold & raw all day, yet made no rain till 5 in the Evening when it begun, & continued I believe without much intermission till the next morning.
8th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, cloudy dark weather especially in the morning, yet made no rain all this day nor night.
9th.  The Wind S. and blowing moderate in the morning, but blew fresh in the Evening & night: All the morning till 10 was dark, hazy – weather, from that time it begun to rain, & rained I think– without any intermission all the rest of the day and all night.
10th  7 ❍ [this is written in the margin below '10th' sw] The Wind S. blowing fresh, and generally Sun shiny, but fair and dry all this day: My Gardiner planted out a very large Sycamore Tree at least 15 foot high in Cae'r Penrhyn by the Ditch Side, & is planting at Cae Tŷ'n y llŵyn severall Aspen Trees instead of the Poplar that failed there Setting —— [this is in the margin opposite this line sw] Set To Day Tyddŷn y LLêch in LLanfaethly for the term of 13 years to comence at Allsts. next to Robert Prichard now Pentir at Cnewchdernog at the yearly Rent of 3 pounds 10 shillings, with the Usuall presents & Services ·

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