June 2d.  The Wind W & by N. very calm, Sun Shiny, hot & very dry all day: there was some dew this morning, a great comfort to the Corn & grass: To Day I begun to discharge the Coal that Peters brought me from Mostyn.
3d.  Whitsunday: [this is written in the margin underneath '3d.' sw] The Wind S. & by W. not high, but hot, dry and scorching all day: abt. 8 a clock this morning I received a letter from that false wretch Amb. Lewis dated from Conway this morning, giveing an acct. that my Son had the misfortune to fall & was so bad that the Doctor thought he had hurt his brain: My Son's man had brought the letter to John Jones of Penmynydd and returned back to Amb. as the Messenger told me, and that he had been ordered to bring it here: the fellow prevaricated so much in the account he gave me and that which he told at LLanfechell, that my mind was terribly distracted all the rest of the day, and am now come to a resolution to send John Ifan early toomorrow to Conway to see how he is & to have some acct. of the matter.
4th.  The Wind S.S.W. with a little breeze; but that very hot, dry & scorching all day: Paid 10s. for 2 dosen pound weight of Soap. & gave John Ifan 2s. to bear his expences to & from Conway.
5th.  The Wind S. blowing high and very hot, Sun Shiny & very scorching – Delivered Mrs. Jane Hughes 5 Guineas to give Mr. Robert Lewis together with a Letter from My Brother Lewis requesting him to go to Conway to see my Son and to take all the necessary care to procure him the Assistance of a Physitian & Surgeon to restore him (if it be God's will) to his former health: My people are all this day carrying home the Coal. About 8 a clock this Evening John Ifan returned from Conwy with ye welcome News that my Son was pretty hearty & out of all danger (blessed be God for it.
6th.  The Wind S. & by W. very calm, hot and Sultry, but not scorching: I finished to day carrying home the ten Tun of Coal without the help of any of the Neighbours·
7th.  The Wind S. and blowing moderate: The Sky dark & overcast, and about 2 in the Evening it begun to bring down some small rain which it continued & rained much harder & faster ( blessed beGod for it ) till near 7. all the night was dark and hazy.
Total Ecclips [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw]  8th. ❍ 9 [this is written in the margin below '8th.' sw]  The Wind W. very calm and warm weather all day, but generally– cloudy and overcast, yet did not make any rain: The beginning of the night and till 10 it was very cloudy and dark, so that the Ecclips of the moon could not be seen at all . pd. 6d. for 2 Razors.
9th.  The Wind S. blowing pretty fresh & sultry, yet generally cloudy & dark most part of the day & made no rain: paid 1s. 10d. for a Side of small Veal and the head . pd. Ann Warmingham 12s. that she had pd. for dosen pound of Soap. 

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