September 13th.  The Wind S.W. dark & cloudy with some little rain, could not venture to open the Shocks to dry, but bound the rest of the Corn, Oats, & barley, & dischar– -ged a Boat load of Sand being 240 bags, & pd. the Boat– man Thomas Jones of Dulas for that, and another of 350 being in all 590 the Sum [there is a line over the 'm' sw] of 1L. 19s. 4d. at the rate of 8s for every 120 bags.
14th.  The Wind S.W. in the Morning, came to N.N.W. in ye Evening & rained more or less almost all day, my people are digging & carrying of Gorse : Made an extraordinary good Fair to day at Newborough . and most of the Cattle in the Fair were sold, it being but a very thin Fair occasioned partly by the rain, & more especially by the vast Quantity of Cattle bought 3 or 4 days before the Fair by Severall Drovers in people's houses, Wm. Davies sold me 2 Steers for 8L. 15s. & 3 old Cows for 8L. 10s.
15th.  The Wind N.W. in the Morning ,sun shiny calm & fair, about noon it came to the S. & blew high, but made no rain till night, when it rained exessive hard for an hour or more, my people employed to day to take down the 3 upper Sheaves of every Shock to sun & dry them, being very wett, & they were very dry before night, & as wett again before next morning; this is the 3d time they were so ordered. Pd. Hugh Wms. the Joiner 30s. for his & his men's Work.

16th. ❍11 [this is written in the margin below '16th.' sw]

The Wind S. dark & cloudy in the Morning, but cleared up afterwards & made a dry-sun-shiny day with a good drying wind. My people gott up long before day,and gott together the Horses & Cars, and by Sun rise they had taken down the upper sheaved of near 300 shocks of Barley, & laid them on their Ends to dry, and proceeded to carry home the Bodies of the Shocks that were very well preserved & dry, & by 3 in the afternoon,(itblowing a fresh gale) the Upper Sheaves were very dry, and carryed home likewise; besides 140 shocks of small Oats they carryed to Coydan Barn. rained again very hard in the Night.

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