September 5th.  The Wind W. & by S. cold and cloudy in the morning & blowing fresh, made a shower in the Evening, but

// [this symbol is in the margin between the previous line and this one sw] continued dry afterwards, bound all the Barley that was reaped in the morning and finished reaping; they bound Oats all the Evening.

6th.  The Wind S. calm & still and raining hard almost all day & all night, so that nothing was done in the Corn harvest.
7th.  The Wind S. very calm and raining prodigious hard before day about 3 a clock, made no rain all day afterwards, & my people were thatching the hay till night.
8th  The Wind S.S.W. blowing high all day, my people all this day were stubling the corn that was very wett, till 3 a clock when it rained very hard again, & continued so almost till night, in which time they were digging & carrying clay to the Upper Cow-house at Bodelwyn ucha to make a Malting floor there . pd.Edward Bulkeley the Taylor 16s. 6d. for a Herring Net very little used & delivered it to Rowlan[d sw] ap William Rowland ap Robert,(alias y [there is a mark here that could be one half of quote marks or could just be a blot sw] Maharen bâch)to be used by him for half the Herrings it takes.
9th. The Wind S. blowing high with a mizling rain in ye Morning till 10, a little fair afterwards till 2 when it rained very hard, the rest of the Evening tollerable dry but it rained a mizling ra[in sw] afterwards in the night till 10 or 11 a clock, my people worke ye malting floor to day again.
10th.  The Wind S.W. very calm, but cloudy & dark, about i0 in the Morning it begun to rain,& rained very hard without almost any intermission till night, when it blew fresh, and dryed well.
iith.  The Wind S.W. in the morning, came to W. & by N. in ye Evening a dark, angry, windy day accompanyed with frequent great showers of rain, my people (to save being quite idle) are digging & carrying home of Gorse .
12th.  The Wind W.& by N. a Sun-shiny, fair, cold, dry day, opened all my stacks that were very wett, & Stubbled the rest of the Corn to dry that was unbound, and bound some of it afterwards before night ___

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