Oct.15th.  [most of the text of the rest of this entry is from The Gentleman's Magazine Volume 7 August 1737, although some of the spelling, punctuation and spacing are WB's sw] No man maintains a greater sense of the decency due to the established Religion of a Countrey than I do, & I hope I shall not be imagined guilty of an offence against it, if, while a controversy is depending concerning the correction of the Liturgy, I beg leave in the following Version of the Prayer for the Bishops & the Clergy, to point out That, as unhappily expressed & wanting correction.

Oh God Omnipotent, whose power alone

Has to the World the greatest Wonders shown;

Here at thy feet thy Servants Suppliant fall,

And ask a Greater Wonder than them all:

On Priests & Bishops healthfull Grace bestow

That they may please thee, who displease thee now


The Next is the Black-Bird's complaint, address'd to her Apologist who compared her to a Parson. 

Hold, hold! apologiseing friend,

Push not the Jest too far;

My right you very well defend,

But yet my honour marr

What! Dub me Parson! who can bear it?

’tis true, the whim is merry;

But do I take a Tenth, or near it,

From the ripe tempting Cherry?

Of all the fruitage, few I like,

So modest's Nature's Call!

Nor as those greedy Harpies strike

who take the Tythe of all.

A Morsel, when my inside yearns,

Kind Providence supplies;

But they, distrustfull! will have Barns

Mark the Enormous Size?

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