July 26th.  The Wind W. calm, cloudy & dark all ye morning till 10; then cleared up, was often Sun Shiny & from that time to night it blew very fresh, but continued dry all this day— Sold a Jewish Toyman a parcell of old Silver buttons, Buckles &c to the value of two pounds ii shillings 4d. & bought of him in Toys to the value of 12s. 6d.
27th.  The Wind S. blowing high, dark & overcast all day, yet made but little rain except one large Shower in ye morning but the wind continued high all day.
28th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh and raining frequently all the morning; and did more so in the Evening at the fall of – night.
29th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh and raining hard betwixt 2 & 3— this morning, but all the rest of the day was fair Sun Shiny and dry: my people did very little in the hay this week by reason of the daily foul weather: Last Wednes ([d sw]ay ^haveing^ had the clay taken off an 18 Gallon Cask of Beer brewed in October last, & haveing taken out some of the Liquor I put into it ^about 9 days ago^ ii pound of black Currants bruised ) I had the said Cask — clayed over again.
30th.  The Wind N.W. very calm, sun Shiny warm & pleasant all the morning; about noon it grew cloudy & overcast & soon brought down a great shower of rain that lasted half an hour or more & made some mizling rain afterwards, & all the rest of the day was dark & moist tho it made no more rain. 
3ist.  The Wind W. & by S. calm, sun shiny, fair & warm all this day and a great dew this morning; The Fair to day at Aberffraw proved the worst that the oldest man in the Countrey ever saw there not being a Dosen beasts of all sorts sold in the Fair occasioned by a lyeing report published in the Chester Journall that whatever Cattle Drovers bought, they were to keep them 40 days before they sold them again.
August ist.  The Wind W. & by N. calm Sun Shiny & fair till ii in the morning, when all of a Sudden it darkened & soon brought down a prodigious heavy shower which lasted half an hour, the Evening was sun shiny fair & dry: Pd. 7d.2/1 for Glew & nails
2d.  3● [this is written vertically in the margin below '2d.' sw]The Wind S. very calm, and raining incessantly all the morning, at it did I believe all last night: the Evening was dry, but the Air very moist, cloudy and dark, Pd. 3d. for fish, being 3 Sea Tench, & one of them weighed near 7 pounds weight.

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