August i2th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh & cold all the morning; the Evening was calmer, dry and fine Weather ·
i3th.  The Wind N. and very cold all day, but dry and fine harvest — weather.
i4th.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate, and generally Sun shiny and fine harvest weather: My people are binding the Tythe upland hay and carrying my share of it to Bodelwyn ·
i5th.  The Wind S. W. very temperate weather all day: My people are binding the Meadow Tythe hay and makeing my share of it in the Tythe yard: Pd. Rhys bentir 2s. 4d. for Butcher's meat & Pd. Marged ’ chuw Mor[w sw]s 2s. 6d. for Butcher's meat: & pd. her & Rhys 3s. 5d. for meal I had this day senight·
i6th.  The Wind S. calm and generally Sun shine all this Day: My people are mending the hay stacks and thatching them yesterday & to day.
i7th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate with sun shine for the most part, but dry all day·
i8th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate: cloudy dark weather with a mizling rain often in the morning; the Evening was Sun Shiny & dry; To Day my people began to reap·
i9th.  The Wind S.S.W· blowing fresh and cold,cloudy and dark weather most part of the day with some rain.
20th.  The Wind W. N. W. blowing cold and fresh attended with someshowers of rain this day also.
2ist.  The Wind S. E. blowing pretty fresh attended with a great deal of rain this day and reaping was laid aside·
22d.  The Wind N. W. blowing cold & dry to day and my people following the reaping buisness: pd. 10 s. to my Sister to be laid out in what was – wanting  ·
23d.  The Wind N. E. blowing moderate, and generally dark, cloudy weather but dry all this day day·
24th.  The Wind N. E. and very little of it: most part of this day was Sun - Shiny fair and warm and altogether dry.
25th.  The Wind  N. E. and but little of it, Sun shiny fair & warm all this day: The Fair to day at LLanerchymedd proved a good one for you[ng sw] cattle & Cows, but not so well for Oxen.

26th.   ❍  1[this is written vertically in the margin below '26th.' sw]   

The Wind  W and by S . calm, Sun shiny, very warm fair and pleasant all day: The season ( blessed be God for it) is not not onely fair & dry, but generally very healt[l sw]y.

27th.  The Wind N. & by E. and little of it, generally SunShiny & fair & dry all– this day.
28th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate & dry all this day likewise, and begun to rain on the fall of night, and made a great deal of rain in the night.

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