Here begins the year 1750. March 25th.  The Wind was S. in the morning, before night it settled at W. it blew fresh and pretty cold, but was dry all day & generally Sun shiny .
26th. ●4 [this is written vertically in the margin below '26th.' sw] The Wind W. in the morning; came about, noon to N.W. blew very high and cold all day attended with frequent show –ers of sleet and hail both morning and Evening, and — made very heavy showers of either sleet or rain from 2 in the morning untill near 4 .
27th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh and very cold all day, but yet it was generally Sun shiny and continued dry all day.
28th.  The Wind N. N.W. blowing fresh and very cold, makeing some — showers of hails & cold sleet early in the morning & untill 10 – very frequently, the rest of the day was dry, but made heavy rains in the night.
29th.  The Wind W. & by N. blowing fresh and very cold; made great showers of sleet or rain about 4 in the morning — but the rest of the day was dry, Sun Shiny & fair.
30th.  The Wind N. N.W. blowing very fresh and very cold, attended with frequent showers of sleet almost all the morning; the Evening was dry , but very cold & stormy; Paid ye Churchwarden of this ^division of the^ parish who is Hugh Thomas of Cors y ddafad iis. 9d. – Church Mise for the lands in my holding being Brynddu, Coydan Bodelwyn & ferem at the rate of 3d. in the pound ·
31st.  The Wind N.W. and blowing very moderate & warm, most of the morning was wet & rainy, and the Evening fair & dry: it is so extraordinary wet that there is neither plowing nor harrowing in this end of the countrey; Every field & high way being Just as they were in January.
April ist.  The Wind S. W. and blowing very moderate, but raining long— before day & all the morning till near i0 : the rest of the day was dry and some sun shine: The Priest preached on Mat: Chap: 22d. verses 12 & 13:
2d.  The Wind W. blowing fresh and cold especially in the Evening & made one small shower of rain, except which shower it dryed well all day. gave is. [1/- sw] Charity to some poor people that had suffered by fire .

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