July i3th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy &dark; made some small showers of driveing rain in the morning, but about noon it begun to rain much harder, and continued to rain very hard all the rest of the day: I was this day at the Priest's house where he Set his Tythes; He Set Caerdegog parcell for 4i pounds, LLawr y LLan for 23 pounds exclusive of his own Tythe &upload hay of the whole parcell which is worth 3 pounds, and Cae ’r LLan being all under Barley and an extraordinary good Crop, the Tythe must be worth at least 3 pound more;Dygwel Tythe was set for 3 pound 5s. Parcell Gwenithfryn was set for 30s. Parcell y Mynydd for i6s. the Modus from Boteniel is 26s. 8d. Caerdegog Hemp & flax iis. LLawr y LLan hemp&flax 7s. So that here is 77 pounds i5s. 8d. besides Lambs, Lactuals wool, Easter Dues, Pigs, Gees &c. which at a moderate Comput_ – ation can't be less than 10 pounds, the Offerings one year with another are at least i0 pound, and the Glebe Land is another 10 pound; which 30 pounds added to 77L. i5s. 8d. makes the whole to be i07 pounds i5s. 8d. there are other incidents not here mentioned, as Herring Tythe which is some years are very considerable.
i4th.  The Wind W. & W. & by S. calm, cloudy & dark in the morning, and raining hard about 6, the rest of the day was dry & generally Sun shiny, yet not very warm: The Market has been all this Sumer [there is a curlicue over the 'm' sw] very high, & the Corn (if it had not been for ships that came from England with corn to these Countries ) very scarce– the Barley to day at LLanerchymedd Market sold for 28s.apegget the Rye for 32s. & Pilcorn for 40s apegget·
i5th.  The Wind S. blowing very moderate & very warm all day & also made no rain this day; and a great part of the day was cloudy & dark ·
i6th.  The Wind S. in the morning; about i0 it settled at E.was all day very calm & very hot & sultry tho there was frequent small intervals of cloudy weather: Paid Marged ’ chuw Morus 4s. 6d. for a side of Mutton & a Side of Venison, & Pd. Rhys Bentir is. 3d. for a quarter of Veal.To Day I finished carrying all the Muck I had begun to carry ye26th. ult.
i7th.  The Wind variable fromS. to N. with a small breeze, Sun shiny hot and Sultry all day: By the help of God & my Neighbours I carryed home from_ Cemaes Ten Tons of Coal by noon; the Priest had 2 & Sion ifan had i [1 sw] Ton- I paid likewise to Edward Wm. Sion Owen 2L. i7s. 8d. for port-charges& freight over & above the six Guineas I had given him before: Gave likewise 2s. Charity to Wm. Sion ab ifan's lad who is in a deplorable condition ·

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