May 8th.  The Wind  W. & by N. very calm, Sun Shiny- fair and warm all day; paid John ’ Bwiliam Griffith's wife 6d.being due over and above what had been before paid for the Butter.
9th.  The Wind W. N. W. very calm in the morning and a very great hoar frost; made a little fresh breeze in the Evening and all the day was Sun Shiny very warm & fair: paid 3d. for Shell fish, & is. 6d. to Richd. ab Wm. Prichd. ab Wm. Pugh Prytherch the Taylor for making 6 new Sacks & mending 10 or a Dosen more ·
10th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark all day,& made- some little rain about i in the Evening, & some small showers after- wards:  Paid Thomas Prichard's the Cooper's Bill being i9s. 7d. - and pd. 6d. for two Lobsters·
iith.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh and something cold in the morning - the Evening was milder & made a fine shower on the fall of night. ☞ [this pointing symbol is in the margin pointing at this line sw] paid Thomas Jones the Slater's bill for work being two pound Eight - shillings and 6d. whereof for pointing Coydan ^Barn^(which he finish'd yester- –day) at 13/4 [one and three-quarters sw] a yard I paid him two pounds three Shillings: measuring- 295 yards & half; being 23 yards & half long, and the roof over did measure 12 yards 22 inches: 5s.6d. I paid him likewise for work- done by the day, being five days and half· Paid likewise to Marged uch Huw Morris i8d. for a Carcass of poor lamb.
12th.  The Wind N. W in the morning, blowing fresh and very cold &generally Sun shiny, the Wind came about 2 in the Evening to W. was much calm – er and also warmer, and grew cloudy & dark about 4; with a small shower of rain: My people all this week plowing for, & sowing Barley.
13th.  The Wind W. calm in the morning, and dark hazy weather with a very small mizling rain like dew frequently in the morning; but made one or two heavy showers in the Evening & blew fresh and cold at the fall of night.
14th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh & cold, with frequent showers of rain all the morning. & some of them very heavy & cold ; the rest of the day- was dry, but very cold: Paid Rhŷs Prichard the foderer his whole winter's wages being 35 shillings, paid also to John Hughes 2s. of his winter's wages.
15th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh & cold and raining all the morning more or less, and some very heavy showers of rain attended with hail; the Evening from 3 a clock was dry, but very windy and cold .
16th.  The Wind W. blowing high ,and very cold in the morning, cloudy & dark also till near 10, but continued dry all day: To Day I finish'd sowing Barley,haveing sow'd 12 peggets and a Measure; and likewise 9 peggets of White Oats, & 3 peggets & half of Black Oats; 5 peggets of Vetch small Oats & 2 peggets of Vetches.

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