Febr. 1st.

In Nativitatem Christi. 

Quid Cælis, æterne Puer, terrestria mutas? 

Ah! te deducunt crimina nostra polo.

Sic Vitro inclusæ, ferventis viribus Ignis,

Ascendunt faeces: sed Medicina cadit.

2d.  The Wind W. a fair clear day from first to last, The Parson finished the Sermon begun last Sunday (tho he is pd. for that he was to preach this day ) pd. Catherine Rowland 6s. 8d. being her annual pension left her by Mr. Wynne of Rhydgroes. pd. likewise to John Wm. ap Sion Owen(who is to be marryed too morrow to Watkin ab Wm. Watkin's Daughter who he had debauched ) 13s. 6d. for Carrying of Slates, Laths, & 2 Groce of Bottles.
3d. The Wind W.S.W. a clear fair day till 3 in the Evening when the Wind began to blow & the Sky overcast attended with a Small shower of rain, in the Night it rained and blew excessive hard for severall hours.
4th.  The Wind N.N.W. blowing about 4 in the Morning a rank storm which continued in a great Measure till 8 when it much abated of what it had been, made some showers of hail in the Evening & the Wind was allayed.
5th.  The Wind W.S.W. cloudy raw weather, about 10 it begun to rain & rained hard from that time till 6 in ye Evening the ground excessive wett & the Air moist, cold & raw —– This Day a quarter of an hour past 2 in ye Evening my Daughter was safely delivered of a Daughter (praised be the good & mercifull God) 
6th.  The Wind N.W. dark cloudy weather with some rain in the Morning, cold & very raw; at the fall of night it begun to rain & rained I believe all night & till 7 in the Morning – gave the Doctors wife that attended my Daughter as Midwife 3L. 3s. for her care & trouble.
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