The Wind N. very cold and scorching all day, my Servants  May 14th. [this is in the margin, opposite this line sw] begin to day to make the New Park wall higher, by raising a height of 8 or 9 inches on the top of the Copeing betwixt me and Gorswen, Cae'r Mynŷdd & Cae Glâs, where Sheep and Goats are likeliest to do most mischief, the Lad in the Garden employed in weeding & cleansing the Walks and borders.
15th.  The Wind S blowing a great storm & very cold,dark and cloudy withal . begun to rain about 5 in ye Evening & rained hard for [2 sw] hours, when the wind came to N.W. made some rain afterwards I believe before day–
16th.  The Wind N.N.W. Sun-Shiny and fair, but the Wind sharp and cold, some of my servants at the Park-wall others digging stones to finish the Wall in Cae Glâs begun last Summer.
17th.  The Wind came to the S. about 5 this morning, being N. before , a very thick hoar [not sure whether there is a full stop or a hyphen between 'hoar' and 'frost' sw] frost this Morning, & Some Said there was frost on the water. it blew hard from the S. the rest of the day, being cloudy, dark, and very cold. A Sloop of about 60 Tuns from London came to Cemaes to day, to fetch Barley & Oats that had been bought here for Merchant [Nesta Evans gives 'Merchants' sw] in that place, they brought along with them into Cemaes 1400 Deal –boards, and some oak.
18th ●4 [this is written vertically below '18th' sw] The Wind S, very high, and blasting & scorching withall, I have observed that these last 9 or 10 days the Evenings from an hour or 2 before sun set, till Sun rise were very calm fair and warm, & all the rest of the day, high, scorching – Winds, & generally very cold .
19th.  The Wind S. high & scorching. but very sultry. the Church-wardens agreed with Wm. Wms. the Smith of Rhosbeirio to make a Vane to be Set on the Top of the Spire of Llanfechell for 15s. the Vane is to be 20 inches long about 9 broad, & to turn upon an Iron Axis of an Inch & quarter square in ye bottom & to taper from ye bottom to the Vane, to be ´4 foot long, a Lyon is to point to ye Wind the figure of which I my Self cut, haveing a Royall crown on his head, Brandishing a Scimiter over his Head, and grasping a Bundle of Darts in the other Paw 

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