June 19th.  The Wind S.E. & by S. a very warm calm day but cloudy, from 8 to 12 it made severall great showers of warm rain, with some Intervalls of hot sunshine, had not one day yet to rake any of my hay that hath been cut a week agoe rained again in the Evening the most part —
20th.  The Wind varying all ye day & ye Weather inconstant, clear & calm in the Morning, cloudy & dark by noon, it thundred & rained in ye Evening a good deal & was Sultry withall, severall showers in ye Evening again & very cold before night -
21st.  The Wind E. & E.N.E. clear, & blowing fresh in ye Morning, raked some hay in the Evening, this day continued fair from first to last.
22d.  The Wind N. & very cold but clear & dry, the parson preached on Mat. Ch. 5th. & the first 10 verses. pd Henry Jones one of the Church Wardens of Llanfechell iis. [11/- sw] Church Mize
23d.  The Wind N. blowing cold but not high, fair & clear all day raked together all the hay that was cut <& made it into> ∎ small cocks,

24th.    3❍ [this is written in the margin immediately below '24th.' sw]

The Wind S.S.W. blowing very high dark & cold, about noon it showered cold rain, & continued so more or less for an hour or more, the wind still high, pd. 2d for fish –

25th.  The Wind W.S.W. high, & intollerably cold all day– long, made some rain about 3 in the afternoon, dark & high winds continuing all ye rest of the Day, made some of my hay into big Cocks. the Market to day at LLannerchymedd the same as a month ago, but Rather lower
26th.  The Wind W.S.W. blowing high, dark & cloudy & prodigious cold, I have 4 people cutting hay to day & yesterday, I continue yet to dig stones, and 2 carts carrying them every day to the Wall of Brynne duon, about 10 set out for the Cocking at LLandyfrydog. where it cost me betwixt paying Mr. Rowlands of Caer[e sw]'s Stakes, and what I lost in betting, & all other —— articles 32s. 9d. & I got 3 spoons to my share, bought in London for 14s. a spoon, so that my gain is not great.

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