October 13th.  the Wind S. S. W. blowing fresh & raw, and overcast and cloudy all day, yet made no rain till night, and then, but very little . A very poor Fair at Aberffraw yesterday.
14th.  The Wind W & by N. calm and warm and generally sun shiny & dry all the day the Fair at Porthaethwy Yesterday was very poor, there not being a Droverthere nor at Aberffraw the day before, except some few Denbigh shire Butchers that bought a few old Cows: This extraordinary deadness at our Cattle Fairs is imputed to ye unhappy contagion that has raged in England now above 2 years & especially about London; in – –somuch that London Fair was forbid to be held this year, and the several orders and regulations were made by the Government in order to prevent the spreading of the Contagion, | [it is not clear whether this vertical line is WB's, or has been added later sw] One of which was that the Drover that bought any Cattle was required to have a Certificate from the Several persons he bought them of, attested by a Justice of the peace next the place where the Cattle had been bred or the minister of the parish, signi– –fieing that such Cattle were then sound & had been so for 3 months before, Yet Not - –withstanding all these precautions & trouble given the farmers in consequence thereof Many of the Drovers were stopped on the road for some time to ye great hin– - drance As well as expence of Such Drovers, & when at last they were suffered to go on met with very poor Markets; The Graziers (tho in great want of Cattle fearing to buy them, & if they did it was at a low rate ; So that if things continue long as they are now, most of the Farmers in the Countrey will be broke & their Landlords have the lands to them selves. Paid id2/1 for Ale & 1d. for Tobacco.
15th.  The Wind W. & by N. very calm & warm, cloudy and dark in the morning till near 10,the rest of the day was generally SunShiny and clear.To Day my people begun to sow Rye in Cadlas Newydd Pinfold; My Farmer at Cnewchdernog haveing almost finished sowing as much again as we will sow at home; To Day I transplanted my Orange Tree from the Pot into the Natural ground, and am now building a large frame to shelter it in the Winter. Pd. 1d. for Tobacco. lent my Mother a Guinea. 
16th.  The Wind S. calm and warm all day, but generally cloudy and dark, the ground very dry.as are in a manner all ditches that used to be full this time of the year. My Great Mill Pond is so dry that there is hardly any– water at all in it.
17th.  The Wind S. calm and warm, but generally cloudy and overcast, yet – made no rain; My people all this week, since they carryed home ye fern, are plowing the Pinfold at Cadlas Newydd and sowing Rye therein, & others of them are faceing the Ditch with Stone betwixt Cae'r LLorriau, and Cae Glâs, which they have done every where that it was wanted – most, the rest must be left till Sumer [there is a wavy line over the 'm' sw], the people scrupling to work in water this time of the year .
18th.  The Wind S. &by E. very calm, warm in the morning, but grew cold and chilly about noon, and was cloudy and overcast all day,yet made norain; The Priest preached on Rom: Chap: i4th. & ye last part of the 10th. verse.
19th.  The Wind N. W. very moderate and warm, but generally cloudy & overcast as it has been now for a long time, and yet continuing very dry, & makeing not ye least rain.
20th.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh & cold, cloudy & dark as before, yet made a small shower about 7 in the Morning; Paid the Collector of the light tax 15s. 6d. due upon my house for the two first quarterly payments ending at Michaelmas last .

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