September 5th.  The Wind S.W. calm, cloudy &dark, but sultry and warm in the morning, grew cold towards noon, & about 3 in the Evening it begun a mizling rain which it continued till night; The Priest preached on the Same text as this day Senight gave 6d. to a Collection for a poor sick man.
6th.  The Wind N. E. & blowing very moderate,Sunshiny fair, dry and warm all day: pd. John Ellis Griffith 5s. more for labouring work·
7th.  The Wind N. calm,sun shiny, fair and very warm all this day also, and my people were binding of Barley at Coydan— Pd. 5s. for half hundred of salt.

8th.   ❍ 6 [this is written vertically in the margin under '8th.' sw]

The Wind W. calm, Sun shiny fair & warm from 8 in the morning till night, but the morning was foggy & a very great dew and bordering on a hoar frost, & some said a very great hoar frost was yesterday morning which was melted away before 7 when I got out: pd. i0s. for a thousand fresh herrîngs·

9th.  The Wind W. & by S. very calm & frequently foggy & rusty weather generally till i0, the rest of the day was Sun shiny, fair & warm·
i0th.  The Wind W. & by S. calm, cloudy & dark attended with frequent showers of small mizling all the morning ; the Wind came to N. in the Evening was Sun shiny & dryed well: Pd. 2s. to Marged ’chuw Morus for a quarter of Mutton & a quarter of Venison: Sent by Edward Wm. Sion Owen i0s- 6d. to buy me 2/1 hundred big Salt& 2/1 hundred flower·
iith.  The Wind N. in the morning, came to S. by noon, was fair,dry and warm all day: My people all this week were reaping and binding of the Corn ·
i2th.  The Wind S. very calm, warm & dry all this ^day^ also, but cloudy & dark weather threatenîng rain, but made none till near night when it made a sharp shower for a quarter of an hour·
i3th.  The Wind S. S. W. calm, cloudy dark weather and something cold with frequent showers of [ss sw]mall rain of very short continuance both morning and Evening.
i4th.  The Wind E. and little of it, dark, cloudy weather & rainîng a– small rain frequently in the morning, but the Evening was dry.
i5th.  The Wind W. & blowing very moderate[, sw] Sun shiny fair & very warm all day: paid iid. for a Padlock for the Salt chest.

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