February ist.  The Wind S. E. very calm, Sun shiny and fair, but very cold & freezing all day , & especially in the night all the snow that fell last night is still on the ground except what the Sun melted on the tops of houses·
2d.  The Wind E. calm, and generally Sun shiny & fair, but exceeding cold and freezing all this day and night & the Snow still lyeing on the ground undisolved; My poor servant is still in an uncer – –tain state, sometimes pretty well, & at othertimes restless and in pain, & the Wench that hurt him is so disconsolate & heartless that tho she got up to day,she was forced to take to her bed before night Pd. Mr. Rice Price 4s. 3d. for a pair of Tongs, fire shovel & Poker·
3d.  The Wind E. calm, Sun Shiny & clear all the morning, & freezing very hard; grew cloudy & overcast about noon but brought nothing down and was excessive cold all day.

4th. 7 ❍ [this is written vertically in the margin under '4th.' sw]  The Wind E. S. E. very calm all the morning & bringing down feather'd Snow in great abundance from 5 in the morning till ii, and freezing very hard all day & about noon it blew fresh and brought the wind to S. which brought down a great deal of rain especially in the night.

5th.  The Wind S. blowing pretty fresh, cloudy & dark all the morning attend- - ed with some showers of rain, which with what fell last night has quite cleared the ground from all the snow, but the frost still rem– – ains unmelted: all this Evening was Sun shiny and dry·
6th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh & raining very hard all the morning a mizling driveing rain, the Evening was dry but generally cloudy & dark: The Priest finished to day the Sermon begun the 2d. Inst. on i. Tim: Chap: 6th. verses i8 & i9. gave 6d. to a Collection for a poor man of LLandrygarn & gave Anna Wright 3is. 6d. for Pocket money.
7th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark all the morning, & most part of the Evening, but made no rain .
8th.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, cloudy & dark all day with some mizling rain in the morning, but dry all the rest of the day.
9th.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, made some showers of hail early in the morning with some frost & a hoar frost, but the rest of the day was dry, Sun shiny & pleasant; Pd. T. Bryan 36s. in part of his bill, & pd. Hugh Owen 5s. 2d. for a quarter of Pork at the rate of 2d. a pound.
i0th.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, Some sun shine but for the most part it was cloudy and dark and cold raw weather but dry.

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