September 26th.  The Wind N.E. blowing moderate, Sun shiny and fair all day, people in this parish are very busy now in cutting & harvesting their hay, haveing let it stand till this– time in expectation of its growing, but all in vain . a very great hoar frost this morning; Flocks of wild Geese have come to this countrey already;
27th. The Wind E. blowing fresh and cold all day, but <sun> shiny & very pleasant; my people all these days employed, some in second plowing the Pinfold, others in thatching the hay, carrying home Gorse, and mending gaps in old hedges. Pd. Abraham Jones's Bill being 9s. 3d. Pd. Hugh Prŷs 4s. for a pair of thick shooes for Winter wear; pd. 3d. for Ale as Beveridge to ye Shoomake[r sw] [the end of this word is lost in the binding sw] 
28th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh & very cold, but sun shiny & fair all day. The English Fleet designed for the West Indîes to re - venge the insolencies & depredations of the Spaniards,after severall fruitless attempts to go from England were put back into their Ports by Contrary Winds, but the Wind being from N. to E. these 6 or 7 days it is hoped (&to be sure they have the universall prayers & wishes of all the Nation ) they are by this time, or will be very soon in the Trade Winds – which will carry them into all or any part of the W. Indies. 
29th.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh & very cold with some little rain in the Morning, but generally it was dry & sun–shiny;
30th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh and generally cloudy, but very cold all day, Pd. the Collector of the Chief Rents 1L. 1s. for the Cnewchdernogs & Clygyrog ucha.
Octr. ist.  The Wind N. and by E. dark & cloudy but blowing high and prodigious cold all day, Carnarvanshire Mountains are already covered with snow. Pd. ye Constable of LLanvechell 3s. 11d. being a Tax assessed to repair the Shire Hall.

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