7th. of May/ that way, but he seemed to be wholy taken up in his thoughts with the Youngest.
8th.  The Wind S. cloudy & close weather with fine showers of rain – lived well and merrily, and could not get home this day neither tho our linen were dirty & next day Sunday.
9th.  The Wind S.W. the weather much the same still, & we continu– -ued here this day also.
10th.  The Wind N.E. a very cold day & scorching to day in the Evening we set out for home much against the Will of the Young L=—. pressing earnestly to come soon again– gave in the house to the Servants 3s.
11th.  The Wind N. a clear sun-shiny day and pretty warm my servants employed all this week & the last in plowing the Pinfolds, and unladeing of Sand out of Boats at Cemaes that brought it from Red Wharf.
May 12th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing fresh, but not very cold, walked with my Son till Dinner, in the Evening my Neighbours Mr. LLoyd of Rhosbeirio & Mr. Da. Wms. came here, & we sat & drank merrily till far in the Night, my Son & I sat afterwards till 12, wherein he discovered to me ye Innocent– passion he had for Mrs. [presume WB means 'Miss' sw] Jenny LLoyd of LLoydiarth preferable to her Sister the Heiress, and tho I told him that I was sensible that both of them equally loved him & that he should return Love for Love to the Heiress, yet he desired to be excused, & sd. he hoped I would not force him against his inclinations, & desired my leave to discover his passion to Jenny the next time he goes there which I yielded to.

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