November 28th.  The Wind N. blowing moderate, but very cold the snow lying very thick on the ground & nothing of it melted except what the Sun shined upon which it did all this day _ [there is a sign in the margin opposite this line like a hash # with no bottom line sw] Paid Abraham Jones 3L. i3s. i0d. being what is received at Present from Nantglyn & left for teaching children from LLan –badrig at the Town of LLanfechell·
29th  m 10 [this is written vertically below '29th' sw] The Wind in the morning at E.N.E.blowing moderate, but very cold and freezing all day as it did all last night; about noon it changed to W. & by N . when it brought down a very great shower of feather'd snow upon that which had fell on the 27th. Paid John Wm. i2s. being the remainder of his Sumer's [there is a line over the 'm' sw] wages, with which he parted: pd.Marged uch huw Morus iid. for a quarter of Mutton.
30th.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing pritty fresh and very cold and freezing hard as it did all last night; but about i0 in the morning it begun to thaw, & continued thawing very fast, so that by Night very little – of the Snow was left & that with very little rain attending it: Pd. Hugh Robts. iis. & Hugh Owen 6d. 6d. being the remainder of their - Sumer's [there is a line over the 'm' sw] wages.
December ist.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate, generally cloudy & dark, yet made some sun shine & was dry all this day.
2d.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh, dark, moaky weather attended – with a dirty driveing rain almost all day, neither was the night free from it.
3d.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing fresh & very cold, some sun shine and dry all this day.
4th.  The Wind S.W. blowing moderate, cloudy dark weather, & cold, attended with severall heavy showers of rain : Pd. 2sfor 4 hundred fathom of Sand-rush ropes, & is. [1/- sw] for a Matt of the same materials , is. 4d.for 2 dosen harrowing traces of the same materials·
5th.  The Wind N.W. blowing moderate & not cold; cloudy & dark weather, yet it continued dry all this day ; pd. 7s. for a measure of Wheat·
6th.  The Wind N.E. very moderate, Sun shiny fair & clear & freezing mildly– all day till night ye wind came to W. & rained hard: pd. 2s. for a Side ^of^ mutton
7th.  The Wind S. W. & moderate, cloudy, dark raw weather all day, but indifferent dry till night when it rained for most part till 3 in the morning

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