Novr. 19th. The Wind S. dark raw weather, & raining all the Morning, with some showers in the Evening, The Parson preached on Matt. Chap . 16th. vers. 26th. after the old strain.
20th.  The Wind S. blowing high & cold with frequent – showers of heavy rain both morning & Evening,and rained excessive hard with a great storm of Wind almost all night.
21st.  The Wind S. and raining excessive hard almost all the Morning, the Evening a little fairer, but made severall showers of rain.
22d.  The Wind S. & by W. raining all the Morning, but not so hard as yesterday, made some showers also in the– Evening. pd. Mr. Wm. Hughes the Parson 20s. Interest for a 20L. Bond. & delivered Wm. Davies 6L. to buy me Cloath &c. in Carnarvan to ma[k sw]e me a Suit of Cloaths.
23d.  [The dates 20th, 21st, 22d and 23d have originally been written incorrectly as 2ist, 22d, 23d and 24th and WB has corrected them by overwriting sw] The Wind S. & by W. dark, cloudy, cold raw weather, & rained often in the Morning, the Evening dryer & fairer, my people all these days fallowing for Barley when the rain doth not hinder them.
24th.  The Wind S. cloudy dark weather, cold & raw, with some showers of rain in the Morning, made a great deal of wind & rain in the Evening, & rained hard all night.
25th.  The Wind S. blowing high & raining all ye Morning & frequent showers in the Evening, in the night it rained excessive hard, my people at the same work of plowing still.
26th.  The Wind S. blowing high & stormy with some rain, and rained excessive hard in the night.
27th.  The Wind S. with frequent showers of heavy rain – especially in the Evening & almost all night.

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