Decr. 2d.  The Wind N. very clear, sharp & cold, fine wholesome weather, a very small Market at LLanfechell to-day – 
3d.  The Weather calm, but something raw, a hoar frost this – morning, yet the Wind was S. my people still at the same work.
4th.  The Wind S. calm, dark & cloudy, but dry till night but rained a mizling rain most part of the Night; The Parson preached on Numbers. Chap. 23d. and the latter part of the 10th. verse.
5th.  The Wind S.W. very calm, but dark cloudy weather, & some mizling rain in the Evening, to day I finished – trenching in the little field by the Orchard.
6th.  The Wind S.W. very calm, with a mizling rain most part of the day, made up the Gap between Cae'r Gegin & Cae– Bâch, & opened a way to Cae Bâch from the Orchard -
7th.  The Wind N.W, blowing fresh, dry & very cold, & continued so all day, killed a Bull to day for ye Ordinary use of the family .
8th.  The Wind S.W. very calm in the Morning, but dark, and overcast, about ii it begun to rain, & rained very hard without intermission till 8 in ye Evening, make some showers afterwards, but freezed a little before day.
9th.  The Wind N.W. cold & raw, & cloudy, dark weather, planted 8 Trees, 7 Apples, & 1 pear Tree in the Quarter trenched this year in the little field.
10th. ●3 [this is written vertically immediately below '10th.' sw]The Wind N.N.E. some little frost this morning,– but calm, clear & serene, my people are all this week fallowing for Barley at Cae'r LLoriau in Coydan; gave Lewis Williams of LLandyfrydog 1s. for a Mastiff Whelp .

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