January 27th. The Wind N.W. blowing fresh – very cold & raw, cloudy & dark, came to S.W. in ye Evening and begun to rain about 3 & continued without intermission till near 7 in the night.

28th.   ❍10. [this is written in the margin below '28th.' sw] 

The Wind W. S. W. blowing moderately warm, cloudy and dark generally all day, but dry ; No Butcher's meat to day at LLanfechell Market: Paid Owen Hughes the Pedlar 1s. 10d. for Oysters, & 6d. for a – Cherry Tree he bought for me of Grisdal y Gardiner.

29th.  The Wind . W. S W. dark & cloudy in the morning – haveing made a great shower of rain about 5 ; the Evening Sun shiny & dry, but blowing a very high cold wind all day; My people all this week fallowing for Barley in Coydan. Paid George ab Hugh Thomas the Tinker 2d. for working . Paid 1s. for a pair of hemp Cards.
30th.  The Wind S. W. blowing high in the morning with – some mizling rain about noon; all the Evening and night it blew a rank storm with little or no rain.
3ist.  The Wind S.W. & not high, but raining a sharp mizling rain all the morning: it rained little or nothing in the Evening and the wind was quite allayed.
Febr. ist.  The Wind S.W. a moderate gale, Sun shiny – clear & fair all day; Planted a Beech Tree in Bodlwyfan Garden instead of an Ash that was planted there 7 years ago (but had dyed) with Elms ☞ [this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw] Sycamore & Ash Trees: Planted yesterday Sycam- -ores, Beech and Ash (fifteen in number ) [in sw] the Garden at Clygyrog ucha .


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