May 7th.  The Wind S. E. & moderately calm, with some small rain more or less all the morning,(having rained a good deal last night ) and rained pretty smartly this Evening & in the night too.

8th.    ❍ 3 [this is written in the margin below '8th.' sw] 

The Wind S. moderately calm, & dark & cloudy all the morning and made severall attempts to rain, but made but very little till about 3 in the Evening theWind came about to N.W. & blew hard which brought down a smart shower of rain; it blew fresh all night, and was very clear & bright. My servants all this week em- -ployed in fenceing about the Corn , & opening of springs to have water for the Cattle.

9th.  The Wind W. blowing moderately all day, and Sun shiny & dry but not very warm, especially in the Morning.
10th.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh & very cold all day, but a fine dew this morning; To Day I sheared my Sheep.
11th.  The Wind N. blowing high, scorching, and excessive cold all day ; Pd. the Excise Officer 2s. duty on Candles I had made some time ago.
12th.  The Wind N.N.E. blowing very high and extream cold, & betwixt the heat of the Sun which shines clear & strong everyday. & the wind blowing exceeding cold, & makeing neither rain nor dew, the Earth in this part of the Countrey looks frightfull.
13th.  The Wind variable all this day. at S. in ye morning, about 10 at N. and in the Evening at W. not very cold, nor scorching this day; tho there was frost on the water this morning, and a very great hoar frost.

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