July 10th.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh & drying well & the Sun shined bright all day. my people all thi[s sw] day in the hay. & made all my Upland hay into big Cocks. being no more than 25 in number. Pd. Joseph ap Robert Lewis the Taylor 6d. for mending my cloaths.
11th.  The Wind S. W. overcast, cloudy & dark with some mizling rain about 7; about 3 it rained hard till near 5 & close , dark air the rest of the day . The Parson preached on 1. Cor . Chap 10th. vers 12th. gave 6d to a Collection for a poor sick woman.
12th.  The Wind S. W. cloudy . dark . close and unwholsom[e sw] [the end of the word is lost sw] weather, it is very sickly all the Countrey over; An Epidemicall fever rages almost every where, and those that dye ( who are very many ) do dye in a short time, others that recover linger for 2,3, or 4 months relapsing sometimes 3 or 4 times. my Dear fugitive has been absent from home since saturday,indulgeing himself in an indolent sluggish way with very ordin – ary tipplers, twice before within this month he did ye same & when I asked him where he had been, would not vouchsaf[e sw] an Answer,I'll give him his own way & say nothing, time may bring him to be sensible of the wrong he does his Character & [? sw] him to a reformation 
13th.  The Wind W. S.W. calm, close & dark Air in ye morning attended with small rain till i0. the rest of the day Sun shiny, windy& dry , & all my people in the hay. This day Herring Bishop of Bangor was at LLanerchmedd releasing ye Surties of Children babtized 30 years ago, & many went from this parish to offer their sinfull heads to his pious Paw.

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