Decr. 4th.  The Wind W. very cold raw weather, pd Bubb the shoomaker 13s. 7d2/1 Ir. for a pair of Boots, pd 9s Ir. for 4 Volumes of the Arabian Tales pd. 6s. for Salmon's Chronologicall History, pd 8d for Ale..
5th.  The Wind W.S.W cold & raw, pd. 8s 4dIr. for an Iron sledge weight 20[2 sw]/1 at 5d a pound, pd. 4s Ir. for stockings. 1d2/1 for Tobacc. 3d for ale
6th.  The Wind S.E. very cold with a hoar frost, pd. 5d for half a pint of Wine, 8d for ale. rained all this night.
7th.  The Wind W. raining all the Morning & most part of the day, dined at Luffingham upon an invitation, pd 4d2/1 for ale, rained all this night.
8th.  The Wind W. great rains, thunder & Lightning both before and after Day break, the rest of the day fair. The Dean raises new Difficulties, & brings in New Covenants which cannot be complied with, pd Mary Bulkeley 9s. 6d. Eng. pd 13d for a pair of Gloves
9th.  The Wind W. cold and dark. pd. 6d for Ale.
10th.  The Wind S.S.W. raining all the morning, invited to breakfast to Mr. O. Lewis where was conceited Gamboll Mr. Wm. Lewis his Sister & his Wife, dined afterwards with them at Sot's Hole were it cost me 2s Eng.
11th.  The Wind S.E. fair & clear, haveing freezed last night, dined as usuall at Cos. Wm. Parry, & spent all the Day at the Green & in the Register Office, at Night Mr. Parry& I went to meet 2 Gentlemen from Waterford when we were treated with a skinfull of Clarett till past 12, pd. Mary Bulkeley 6s. Eng.
12th.  The Wind E. very cold dry frosty weather, heart Sick to day after Last Night's drinking pd. 3d for ale.

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