Janr. 23d.  The Wind S. W moderately calm, dark, hazy – weather all day and very raw : My people all this week are repairing old stone walls at Coydan, it being too wett to plow . pd. John Fur Size the Scotch Pedlar of LLanerchmedd 19s. 6d. for 18 yards of Cloath of a yard wide at 13d. a yard to make me shirts.
24th.  The Wind S. very calm and dark, hazy weather till 3 in the Evening; Sun shiny, fair & pleasant from that time till night. The Parson preached on Deut: Chap. 6th. verses 6. & 7. right priestly! the Wisdom of the Church, explained therein to be the Clergy onely is highly magnifiyed thro- -out.
25th.  [SYMBOL LLEUAD NEWYDD] 12 Paul's Day. The Wind S. cloudy, dark & hazy moist weather and blowing fresh, but not stormy; cleared up & the Sun shined from 9 till 12; from that time till night it was cloudy, dark hazy weather. a very poor Fair to day at Llanerchmedd , there being not much a greater number of people that at comon [there is a line over the 'm' sw] Markets there .
26th.  The Wind S. blowing high, cloudy dark & hazy all day; paid 1d.2/1 for fish to Abraham Jones. & 1d2/1 for fish to Rowland ab Wm. Rowland; alias, y Marahen bâch–
27th. The Wind S. blowing fresh & raining all the Morning— the Evening dry, but blowing very hard.
28th.  The Wind W. blowing a great storm all day, especially about 6 in the Evening , it blew a meer hurricane acc— –ompanied with much rain, Thunder & lightning — the Wind untiled the Roofs of houses, broke stacks of hay & corn & dîd a great deal of mischief. To Day I begun to plow for great Oats. —— [this line is wavy sw]

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