September 15th.  The Wind W. calm in the Morning but blowing fresh about noon, and Sun-shiny fair dry weather, about 1 the Wind came to S.S.W, grew dark, & about 3 it begun to rain, & continued almost till night. my Servants still thatching the Corn & hay.
16th.  The Wind W. fair & dry all day, a great asking for Barley to day at LLanfechell, 2 or 3 Corn Merchants strove one with the other for it, & some farmers sold all they had, or could spare for 16s. a pegget, some for 14.&13 [I presume 's.' is what is partly concealed in the binding sw]
17th.  The Wind W. fair dry & warm all day long, to day I begin to carry home my Compost Sand from Cemae[s sw] upon Farm land haveing 10 horses a carrying – ☞ [this symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw] set Tyddŷn y Rhiw from Allst. next to Wm. ab Wm. Prys at ye rate of 13s. 4d. a year with the usuall presents. & he to put the house in repair. pd 3d. for Ale.
18th.  The Wind W in the Morning, fair, warm & pleasant, came to ye S. & S.SW, about ii. became very dark & cold of a Sudden, & rained from 3 till night very hard — the Parson preached on Math . Chap 16th. & the latter part of the 6th. verse. a very silly discourse .
19th.  The Wind W. a fair, clear dry day, & very pleasant. the fisher men at Wylfa had some herrings these 3 last nights, which had been in a manner lost this 20 years—
20th.  The Wind W. & W.S.W. clear, sharp & very cold weather with some cold showers of rain, pd. Richard Roberts the Church warden of LLanddeusant 5s. 6d. Church mize for both the farms of Cnewchdernog.(viz) for Cnewchdernog hîr or Cnewchdernog ucha 2s 4d. at 2d a pound. & for Cnewchdernog isaf. 3s. 2d.

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