❍11. [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw] 

August 7th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh all day, and the Sun shining and appearing pretty often to day— my people till 8 a clock were makeing the turf, and then they all went to the hay,

8th.  The Wind N.W. calm, dark & cloudy in the Morning, some Sun= -shine in the Evening, but soon interrupted with Clouds;continud dry all day for all that; my people still in the hay.
9th.  The Wind W.N.W. a calm, warm day, but cloudy & dark; my people still at the same work, & finished rakeing all ye hay and putting it in Big Cocks; Pd. Owen Thomas alias Owen Blottin 2L. 4s. for 5 hundered & half Red Wharf Sand brought to Cemaes, 120 measures makeing the hundred . pd. 1s. for Ale.
10th.  The Wind S. calm and warm, & clear and Sun shiny from 10 in the Morning till night, My people to day begin to make the Meadow hay into Stacks, makeing one to day at Brynclynni– Newborough Fair this day proved very good, a great many sold, & good rates: pd. Owen Hughes the Smith 10s. for work -
iith.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, hot & Sultry & a clear day, my people make Hay Stacks to day at home & at Bodelwyn – for my feeding Oxen that are out-lyers . these 4 or 5 days last past a great many Herrings have been taken at Cemae[s sw] but are dear enough yet, being sold at ye rate of 1s. 6d.a hundred
12th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh, hot & Sultry clear weather till 5 in ye Evening it grew cloudy, but made no rain, there was a Sermon due to day, but we had none; gave 6d to a Charity Collection.
13th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh. clear, sultry & hot, my people mak[eing sw] a Hay Stack at Coydan this day: Set Gaerwen to Hugh Rowland now liveing at G[o sw]dowta for the Term of five years to comence [there is a line over the 'm' sw]  Setting — [this is in the margin opposite this line sw] at Allsaints next at ye Rate of 9 pounds a year allowing yeLand Tax if he pays before Christmas I am to allow him for carrying [? sw] sand upon it, he carrying as much, he is to pay ye usuall present of a fat Lamb .

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