January i5th.  The Wind N. E. & but little of it, was generally Sun Sun shiny & thawing, but some of the snow lies still on the ground & freezes every night, & is excessive cold · Pd. 4d. for 2 pound weight of Shot.
i6th.  The Wind N. E. & but little of it, cloudy & dark, yet very freezing and exceeding cold and raw all this day also.
i7th.  The Wind S. E. and very little of it, cloudy, dark, very cold and raw weather & freezing all this day likewise·

i8th. 6● [this is written vertically in the margin below 'i8th.' sw]  

The Wind S. E. and almost quite calm, very cloudy & dark weather all this day and cold and raw weather to (I think) the highest degree

i9th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, dark cloudy weather and the cold as intense at it has been at any time this year: My people this week did very little besides cleaning & faning [there is a line over the 'n' sw] 30 peggets of Barley & carrying it on board a ship at Cemaes for David Morris at i2s. a quarter: & Pd. for drink the people had at Cemaes 2s.
20th.  The Wind S. blowing pretty fresh, very dark & cloudy weather and excessive cold, but thawing all this day & night.
2ist.  The Wind W. blowing moderate with a great hoar frost this morning, and Sun shiny & fair almost all day: Pd. 3s. for a pair of Shoes for Mary Bulkeley my Daughter.
22d.  The Wind S. & little of it, cloudy dark & moist air and a great deal of rain in the night·
23d.  The Wind W· blowing fresh & raining all the morning a dirty mizling rain, the Evening was dry ·
24th.  The Wind W. in the morning, came to S. in the Evening, dark moist and mawky weather all this day ··
25th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh & generally Sun shiny & dry all this day: pd. the Church wardens of LLanfechell iis. 9d. Church mize.
26th.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate, some sun shine, but generally dark and cloudy, but dry all this day; My people all this week were fallowing at Cae'r LLoriau in Coydan . sent is. [1/- sw] by Ann Wright to offer at O. Warmingham's burying.

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