31st.    ●8 [this is written immediately below '31st.' sw]  

The Wind S.S.E in the morning very dark & cloudy: about 9 it rained hard, then cleared up & was very fair, the wind settling at E.N.E. and very Sultry before 12. planted 2 Dutch Currants in the Court by the Brewhouse wall  

Trees [this is written in the margin opposite this line sw]

2 in the wall Garden on the North wall, 1 and a Vine by the Wall in the South Walk, i by the Parlour Chimney & 1 by the Wall Garden door, and also 3 young Bay Trees in the border by the Garden door, 1 Bay tree was there before - planted likewise ye 12 Paradise Stocks in the Round in the wall Garden.

Febr. 1st.  The Wind S. S. E. fair and calm in the morning. & a great Hoar frost upon the Earth, & it freezed pretty hard besides. about 10 it grew — cloudy, and blew fresh and very cold, no Sermon to day, tho there was one due: Mr. O. Wms. of Croes–Fechan about 60 years ago left 6s. 8d. for a Sermon to be preached on Candlemas day, which ye Priests of this place have ever since made use of instead of the Sermon they are oblidged to give every other Sunday. so that the Donor's intent is entirely frustrated.
2d.  The Wind W.N.W. very cold but clear & Sun- shiny, from 10 a clock last night till this morning it rained excessive hard, this morning all the Meadows about LLanfechell as also the two Bridges were under water, my Court was likewise under water, so that there was no passing thro it till the Gutter under the East wall was laid open. rained again about ii.
3d. The Wind W. dry and cold. I have gott a fitt of ye Tooth ache which gave no trouble before this 5 years, have no stomach to eat anything my face being swolen.

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