The Wind. S.W. warm and pleasant Weather, all the Gent.   10th.  in Town dined at Baronhill, there were 3 Tables set in ye Dineing Room 11 or 12 at each table, the Entertainment was handsome & Elegant, after Dinner, the Gentlement came down from the dineing Room, & sat in different — Rooms, one Room not being big enough to hold so many. In the Parlour by the Balcony was My Ld Bulkeley, Mr. Meyrick. Mr. Lloyd of Llanidan, Mr Baily, Mr. Bodvell, Mr. Edward Baily, Mr. Lloyd of Llwydiarth, My Brother Lewis of Llysdulas, Mr. Roberts of Bryn y Neuadd. Mr. Pugh of Penrhyn, Mr. Holland of Fryars, that were no smoakers. There was Mr. Rowlans of Caera Mr. Morgans of Henblas, Mr. Jones of Pentraeth, Mr. Lewis Atkinson, Dr Price of Rhiwlas, Mr. Morris Wynne of Llŵyn, Mr. John Williams of Trejarddur & my self that smoaked Tobacco. every body in company drank ye horn which contained something above a Quart, & afterwards full glassess till 7 a clock, when ye company broke up, some went to Town, others staid there, we finished the Night at Mr. David Wms. where we parted about 2 a clock in the morning. had a Quarter of poor Veal to day from <Richard Owen the Butcher>
11th.  The Wind full. W. cloudy, and pretty cold, I had this morning 6 blank covers franked by Mr. Baily, paid 2s reckoning in my lodging & took horse about 10 a clo<c>k, it was pretty cold all the way, I reached home about 2 in the Evening, having called at Bwlch Gwynn where I spent 1d.2/1—
12th.  The Wind. N.W. and very cold, but dry, The Parson preached today on James 1st. v17th. Francis Llwyd & his Sister were at Church, & when we came out was hardly civill, I despised ye Blockhead, as he deserved.I suppose ye Election grated him, very cold all the rest of the day, 
13th.  The Wind N.N.W. and very cold, it showered this Morning betwixt [1 sw] & 2 a clock, 2 great showers of Hail, severall showers of cold rain after sun rise ∎∎ paid Richard Ellis a Llŷn fellow that foddered my cows last winter, 1l. 5s. wages, Gave 10s. (which I forgot to mention to be [done sw] on ye 9th. at Beaumares) to a subscription for an unfortunate young Man at Cambridge, one John Morgan, son to Mr. Humph. Morgan, & Nephew to Mr Wm. Morgan parson of Llanfairynghornwy, who has a misfortune to be dis-turbed in his senses, to relieve [kind sw] of [? sw] all ye company having subscribed,

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