Novr. 26th.  The Wind W & by N. very cold & raw, haveing freezed a little last night & made great showers of hail sometimes — before day this morning, as it did afterwards about noon
27th.  The Wind S.W. raining excessive hard this morning about 4 a clock , the rest of the day dry, but dark, cold and raw. pd. Wm. Jones of Drym  1L.  12s. 6d. for labouring work by the day upon my farms.Pd. Samuel Jones of Gwenithfryn ucha 6s. for a Pork Pig.
28th.  The Wind S.W. this morning about 3 it rained excessive hard, all the rest of the day was dry, but cloudy, cold& raw. Pd. is[1/- sw]. for herrings, & lent 1s. to Abraham.
29th. The Wind S.W. raining excessive hard betwixt 2 & 3—– this morning and blowing fresh & it did all day, and dryed well; my people all this week at the same work as—– before, rained very hard this night from 8 to ii, whatever it did afterwards, but it freezed a little before day a little before day afterwards
30th.  The Wind E. & by N. very calm, sun-shiny and fair; Set out about ii to LLysdulas to confer with Mr. Lewis about a —– Letter I received in relation to my Son - arrived there about one in the Evening when I found the family civil & entertaining  The Wind S.E. tho yesterday & all last night till midnight were calm, warm & fair, yet about i a clock this morning the wind ris & blew very high, accompnayed with great rains, thunder & lightning, and it rained hard almost all ye rest of the day, that there was no stirring out.
2d.  The Wind S. E. about i a clock this morning it made so great a tempest of Wind & rain as any that happened this year, with thunder & lightning with which continued all night and tho there was some intervalls of dry weather in the day yet it made generally very great showers of rain and hail, and more especially in the night.

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