June 25th.  The Wind N. N. E. and little of it, Sun shiny , hot & very dry: the Curate preached on i: Pet: Chap: 3d. verse i5th. so badly read that I could understand but very little of what he said.
26th.  The Wind N. calm, sun shiny, hot and very Sultry all day; y[e Ear sw]th is much parched and very dry, and rain much wanted.
27th.  The Wind W. blowing very fresh, cloudy and overcast, & made some mizling rain about i in the Evening for 2 or 3 minutes; Pd. Tho: Prichard iL. 8s. iid. for Clover Seed & some small quantity of Iron·
28th.  The Wind N. blowing high, very scorching & cold & exceeding dry all day_ gave is. [1/- sw] to a Mariner that had lost his vessell ·
29th.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh & cold in the morning & scorching very much, all the Evening was cloudy and overcast: Paid Catherine Jones's Bill being iL. i5s. 5d. And delivered to John Owen of LLanerchymedd – a Guinea to buy me a hat in Chester Fair: & pd. 4s. 3d. for 6 pound weight of Lump sugar.
30th.  The Wind in the morning was at N. blowing fresh & exceeding cold till 3 in the Evening when it came to W. & by S. & brought down a little rain which was soon over: pd. Rhŷs Bentir 4s. 6d. for a Side of Mutton & a —– quarter of veal: delivered to John Randle the Carrier 5L. i0s. to pay Mrs. Whitfield for hops & sugar I had of her since last October: Pd. Humph: Mostyn's Bill being 28s. 6d. and delivered his wife 4L. 5s. to pay Mr. John Bulkeley Bookseller in Chester for Books I bought of him ·
July ist.  The Wind N. blowing moderate, but cold & very scorching & excessive dry all day & very little dew in any of the nights: My people all this week divided their work betwixt working at the high way & at the stone wall at Coydanas the last week·
2d.  The Wind N. calm, Sun shiny, and very scorching & dry all this day also, and very little dew in the morning.
3d.  The Wind N. calm, sun shiny, hot & scorching all this day also .
4th.  The Wind N. in the morning, very sultry, hot & scorching, the wind came about 5 in the Evening to S. grew dark & made a heavy mizling rain from that time till night: pd. to day 27 pounds to the parson for the tythe of LLawr y llan which I took last year, out of which Sum [there is a curly line over the 'm' sw] I had reccd [there is a line over 'ccd' sw] from Robt. Evans 6L. i5s. for a quarter he held, & 5L. from Jane Hughes for an– other quarter, haveing allowed her 35s for her Share of the Hay & straw of her share Took the same Tythe for this year likewise for the same price: Caerdegog also was set at 43L. as the year before: Dygwel for 3L. i7s. 6d. parcell Gwenithfryn for 30s. and parcell y Mynydd for i5s. Boteniel modus iL. 6s. 8d. So that the whole comes to 77L.9s.2d besides lambs, & lactuals & Easter dues ·

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