August 22d.  The Wind W. blowing fresh, clear and generally Sun shiny & drying well all this day: about 3 in the Evening I Set out for LLysdulas in my way to Beaumares Sessions and carryed with me Sixty five pounds 12 shillings in the money came to LLysdulas about 6. where I staid this night ·
23d.  The Wind S. and blowing very high, especially in the Evening — about 8 I set out from LLysdulas and was in Beaumares —– about ii; dined at my lodging where I pd. 2s. blew high and stormy all night.
24th.  The Wind S. and blowing moderate, but raining exceeding hard before day, with frequent showers of mizling rain all the morning; the Evening was dry but cloudy & dark, but it rained exceeding hard all, or most part of the night.
25th.  The Wind E. & by S. blowing very moderate, and raining ex - – cessive hard almost all this day and night, with Thunder and – Lightning in the Night: went at night to visit the Sheriff Mr. Charles Evans of Trefeilir where I staid till 3 in the morning gave 2s. in the house : pd. likewise 3s. at my lodging for what I drank there yesterday.
26th.  The Wind E. S. E · blowing moderate and raining hard almost all the morning; pd. 2s. 6d. at my lodging; went to Colefax's house at night to meet the Irishman of Hirdrefaig , expecting to make up matters with him; ^but to no purpose^ the man bringing in a Demand of almost 200L. for the repairs of Berth aur house & the Mill of LLangwnad[l sw] which had been in my Sister ’s possession who was heir at Law severall years before her death : pd. there 6d.for Ale ·
27th.  ●12 [this is written vertically in the margin below '27th.' sw]The Wind S. W. blowing very moderate, Sun shiny, fair & dry all day: Pd. Mrs. Jones the Midwife 2L. 2s. owing from my Son to her for Chambers at the Sessions; gave Mr. Thomas Price five pound five shilling to prosecute against [there is a dot over the 's' sw] Wm. Humphrey for arrear[s sw] of rent: gave the Barber is. [1/- sw] Pd. is. 6d. at dinner, 1s. for gloves, is. [1/- sw] to the servants,pd. 10s. 4d. for my man and the horses, and set out from Town about 3, and was at LLysdulas by 6.
28th.  The Wind E. calm and drying but little, & generally cloudy &da^r^k all day, & made some little rain in the morning .
29th.  The Wind W & by N. blowing pretty fresh in the morning and drying well The Evening was calm, Sun shiny and very sultry: gave the Servants at LLysdulas 3s. 6d. set out from thence about 4 and was at home about 6. haveing laid out in this Journey Eight pounds Sixteen shillings.

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