10 ❍ [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw]  August the 10th.  the Wind S. blowing very high with Some small showers of Rain, my people still at the same work of reaping 16 in Number–
11th.  The Wind S.  fair & dry & blowing high in the Morning – about 2 in the Evening it made a very heavy Shower– which lasted above an hour, afterwards fair, my people still reaping 11 in Number, pd. Richard Owen i8d. for a Quarter of Mutton-
12th.  The Wind S fair & very often cloudy, & very still generally my people at the same work 25. in Number .
13th.  The Wind E .S.E. very still, it begun to rain about i in the Morning. & rained incessantly till 8 . very wet! so that my servants could do very little good all the rest of the day, tho it blew & dryed pretty well, pd. 4s. 6d. for six Geese I bought.
14th.  The Wind N. but very calm, thick & cloudy, haveing left off raining about 6, haveing rained hard most part of the Night. very Wet! the Wind blew fresher afterwards & dryed well, tho it made severall Showers, but it made a very great Shower about 8 in the Evening, The Fair at LLannerchymedd very poor both in respect to the Number they bought, & the rates given for them, most of the Bullocks bought there from 7 to 8 pound a pair the Yearling heiffers from 15 to 22 Shillings a piece & no more for the best. they bought very cooly, & cunningly which they generally di[d sw] of the Owners after the Cattle were Sent home, thereby hindring people to know how they were Sold at.

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