March 4th.  The Wind W & by N. dark weather, but cold & dry, I carry dung to the Garden & dress it these days, sett some Eschalots & Garlick this day.
5th. The Wind W. dark & cloudy, & very cold, especially in the Evening it was extream cold, this is the first day in Lent the Parliament was prayed for here, & the first time the youth were Catechized, the Parson pre<a>ched on James Ch. 1st. verse 17th. very insipidly I think _
6th.  The Wind N. clear & dry, & very cold sowed to day Onion Seeds for the first time, pd Abraham Jones ye Shopkeeper of Llanfechell his shop Bill amounting to L 02: s16- [the 'L' and 's' are above the '0' and '1' respectively sw]
7th.  The Wind S.W. dark & cloudy & very cold, visited my Plantation at Gâllt ddu, & pruned some of the Elm & wallnut There .The Evening excessive cold & the wind high, & rained hard about 8 a clock & continued so most part of the night, but I had with good luck sowed my Carrot seeds before night.
8th.  The wind S.S.W. cold & raw, & raining all day (except half an hour's intermission betwixt 12 & i. ) all the Evening especially it rained prodigious hard till 9 at night, all the low grounds were under water: Pd. to day to one Humphreys of Holy-well by the directions of Mr. Ellis Price 12L. 9s. 6d. money due for my Son's Board & schooling there ——

9th    10●  [this is written below '9th' sw]

The Wind S.W. cold & raw, but fair & clear in the  _ Morning with a thick hoar frost, about 9 it begun to rain, & made severall cold showers from that to night · all the Children of these neighbouring Parishes are, or have been under the Small Pox; & great many of them dye. there's also a strange & uncommon distemper seizes some, which is called the Hen Pox ∼

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