12th.  The Wind S.W. very cold raw weather, dry till night when it rained, & made afterwards severall showers before day –
13th.  The Wind. W. excessive cold, wet, & cloudy, begun to rain about 9 in the Morning & rained prodigiously till 2 in ye Evening, some respite from that time to 7. when it rained again & continued very heavily most – part of the night till next morning. to day Carpenters took down ye old mood in Llanfechell Church (who had all those Monstrous figures upon it) that William Jones the Slater might render the Roof within side [Nesta Evans has 'withinside' sw] of the Chancell, the body of the Church being rendered 6 years before, the rendring cost 2d.2/1 a yard, he finished likewise slateing the last remaining part of the Sd Church, haveing now a New Roof slated with Carnarvanshire Slates all over, the Slateing work cost 6d. a yard, he is likewise to slate the cross Isle, called y Gongl siarad ['Gongl siarad' is underlined, but the underlining is in another pen, or pencil sw] for 6d a yard –

14th. ∣6● [this is written vertically immediately below '14th' sw]

The Wind still W. prodigious wet, raw & cold, rained all ye Morning till 7 a clock, fair till 9 then Darkened & rained again, the Wind very high & blowing very cold about 1 in the afternoon, & continued so till 5 without rain, from 5 to 9 it blew a meer storm & rained excessively – then a little respite & the great wind allayed, begun to rain afterwards about ii & rained most part, if not all the night –

15th  The Wind N. & N.E. very cold & raining most part of the morning ­ – the Parson preached on Psal. 130th. vers.3. a dry canting discourse - the Wind very high all the Evening & night and very cold, but dry–
16th.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh, a dry sun shiny day, but the ground excessive wet, continued without raining all ye rest of the day, & was dry & clear when I went to bed at 10 a clock
17th.  The Wind came to the S. about 2 or 3 in the Morning when it rained excessive hard, & continued so without intermission till 9 in the Morning the Wind being come to N.W. very cold & raw, & ye ground extream wet, the fields & meadows & all low grounds under water rained again very hard from ii in ye Morning to 3 in ye afternoon when it left of. blowing then very high from W.N.W.
18th.  The Wind came to S.W. about 3 in the Morning, & rained excessive hard for the most part till Morning day when ye Wind came to W. flashing lights in ye North appeared frightfull enough all night, shooting from E. to [W sw] [half of this letter worn off the edge of the page sw] pd [? sw]ia[s sw] y [Sebon sw] 1s. for Oysters, made no rain this Night.

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