February 24th.  The Wind S. S. W. the Morning fair & clear became very cloudy about 9 . & rained very great showers of cold hail & Sleet about 10, & some more in the Evening To day I had 2 fellows cleaning the Bog-house that had not been cleaned this 14 years, I am planting of Trees all this week in Cae Tŷ'n y LLwyn. & Cae Caled. being this day advertised of a Design of Mr. Robert Bulkeley of Gronant to cary a Corps thro my Ground of Tyddŷn y LLêch to LLanfaethly to be buryed, which must first come thro Fadog Lŵyd the lands of Doctor Wynn of Bodewryd, as comeing from Hafod fawr, part of Gronant Demeasn [presume 'Demesne' sw] in LLanfaethly parish, I was determined to go there my self to morrow (which is the time he is to be buryed) to stop it, & I sent to Doctor Wynn an account of it, that he might likewise defend his right therein, but in the Evening Mr. Robert Bulkeley comes here, & of him - self spoke of that matter, telling that he did not pretend to have any proof that any Corps had been carryed that way (tho by theby he carryed that way 2 Corps before within this 12 month when destitute of all proof & reason for the same ) but As he had proof of there being a foot— path that way to go to Llanfaethly Church from Hafod fawr, he presumed he might have there a common way for Corps. [there is a shallow cross here in another pen, or pencil, sw] but said If I opposed it, that he would not insist upon it, which I told him I absolutely would, how­– ever I changed my resolution of goeing there my self as Imagining there will be no opposition ,& therefore will ['will' is written in the margin sw] send William Davies my Man with Hugh Hughes Doctor Wynn's man there to morrow morning. I could afterwards learn that he came here directly from —– Trysclwyn, where he had been for Hellish Instructions, & perhaps all his Submissive talk was but feigned, and for a blind to make me less cautious, but that I'll see to morrow. 

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